14+ Best Health Movies to Watch on Lk21 Explain Full Details


Bored and tired of the same old genres which rule the TV sets and internet? Full-time movies and shows based on health are very rare compared to movies of other genres Lk21 semi, Lk21 film Indonesia, Lk21 indoxxi.

Most of the people aren’t even aware of its existence and opt these out because of the genre before even giving a try watching.

Even though there are a lot of documentaries and short films available complete full-length movies on Health, healthcare, and doctors are less in number.

Here’s a plot analysis and detailed info on the top 10 best health movies so far that can be watched online and also downloaded from the best site available to download movies Lk21, or else also known as Lk21 film Indonesia.

Full Details About Lk21

Are you love to watch movies and you also love a healthy living so I’m here to Today we’ll tell you.

One of the best Indonesian websites called Lk21 the full name of Lk21 is layarkaca21 this the movie site.

You can watch these all health-related movies on Lk21.

The Last King of Scotland

A 2006 released English movie directed by Kevin McDonald. The plot revolves around Idi Amin, the infamous dictator of Uganda whose regime is portrayed through the eyes of his physician.

James McAvoy and Forest Whitaker play the lead roles in the movie.

It became one of the controversial movies of the time based on the drama genre. One of the gems of Hollywood which can be watched online or downloaded from Lk21 semi or Lk21 indoxxi.

The Hospital

Not just another Health-Related drama movie but a psychic thriller on the screens. The hospital, directed by Arthur Hiller was released in 1971.

It’s about a doctor who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown who finds out that the deaths in his hospital were actually murders and a murderer is roaming freely in the hospital.

George Scott and Diana Rigg play the lead role in this psychological thriller which has a rating of 7.2 in IMDb and can be watched at Lk21 or Lk21 semi.


Arguably not a complete health-related movie, but this gem from the great director Christopher Nolan ventures through the untouched areas of psychology and health science.

Released back in 2000, Memento is the story of a man, who is suffering from a short term memory loss and is on a run to find his wife’s murderers.

A sure shot engaging thriller from Nolan has an 8.4 rating in IMDb and can be watched for free at Lk21 indoxxi and Lk21 film Indonesia.

Interns Can’t Take Money

One of the best classic pieces ever created on the basis of healthcare and doctors.

The movie was released back in 1937, directed by Alfred Santell and discusses the life of a junior doctor, the experiences and challenges faced by him in his day to day life.

One of the interesting movies which are available at Lk21 indoxxi rated 6.9 on IMDb and Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck playing the lead cast.


An absolutely wonderful feel-good movie, Amour is all about a beautiful story shot on frame.

Directed by Michael Haneke, it is the story of a couple, both of them musicians.

Their love towards each other and how they tackle the challenges when one of them gets a stroke.

It is a guide to modern-day relationships, rated 7.9 on IMDb and can be found among all other movies at Lk21 indoxxi or Lk21 semi.

Death In Venice

Another beautiful classic movie made into the list of top health-related movies especially because of its great content it discusses with the audience.

Directed by Luchino Visconti and released back in 1971.

the movie is all about a musician under great depression and mental stress.

He meets a boy on his vacation trip and the rest of the story is about how the boy changes his perspective towards life. It can be watched for free at Lk21 or from its other platforms like Lk21 indoxxi or Lk21 film Indonesia.


One of the best movies released back in 1931 which discusses the harsh realities and the cruel face of the pandemic plague and it’s an outbreak.

Directed by John Ford, and based on the book character Martin Arrowsmith.

it tells the story of the invention of the vaccine for the plague.

The lead roles are reprised by Ronald Colman and Helen Hayes.

The movie can be watched form its related sites like Lk21 indoxxi or Lk21 semi.

A. S.H

One of the best healthcare related feel-good movies released in 1970. Directed by Robert Altman, the movie is set in Korea, during the war period.

It is the story of a staff in the military who is with the team in Korea.

Who heals and makes the injured soldiers better through his extreme sense of humor in military camps.

The movie is rated 7.5 and available at a great speed in Lk21 indoxxi and Lk21 film Indonesia. Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould play the lead in the movie.


The latest release which qualifies to be in the list of top health-related movies of all time.

Though it’s rated 6.7 in IMDb, it’s a good watch, directed by Steven Soderbergh. It is about a deadly virus claiming thousands of lives and spread through an infection.

The movie discusses how the CDC responds and the harshness of the disease. Matt Damon and Kate Winslet play the lead role and are available at sites like Lk21 semi.

The Fault in Our Stars

Based on a beautiful novel written by John Greene.

The faults in our stars are the story of love, hope, and wishes.

It tells us the story of two cancer patients, and how they spent the last days of their lives together. It is a heart-touching story that has millions of fans worldwide.

Deserves a top position in this list which keeps us connected to the story for the whole time.

It is also available at Lk21 indoxxi and Lk21 film Indonesia.

Lk21 is one of the best available sites to stream and download movies. The Indonesian based site has an immense number of movies and shows which are available for free.


I hope you really like this movie so if you are a health lover must watch these movies on health.

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