Best Universities from USA Offering Online Courses

Online courses have become quite popular in recent years. For many students, it has become the only option in the context of the pandemic situation. Thanks to the best universities offering online programs, students will not have to compromise their education even in such a grave condition.

And what makes this even more exciting is getting the golden opportunity of procuring a course from a university in the USA.

Imagine getting educated by the best professors of the universities of the USA. With this option, students will not have to be worried about the extortionate admission and tuition fees.

It also saves them from all the hurdles of getting a visa. Therefore doing online courses from the comfort of your home is definitely a wise and economic decision.

Some universities offer free online courses, while some demand nominal fees depending on the course you have opted for. Let us now take a look at some of the best universities from the USA offering online courses.

1. Harvard University:

Harvard being one of the best and oldest universities, has taken to online courses as well. It offers a number of free and paid courses.

They offer many courses from different branches of subjects like humanities, programming, science, health, and medicine, computer science, social science, mathematics, art and design, education and teaching, data science, and business.



2. Yale University:

There are several introductory courses that are offered by Yale for anyone seeking them across the world. All of these are absolutely free. They are taught by some of the best scholars of Yale.

The videos are all downloadable and are of the highest quality. The courses come along with suggested readings, case studies, and exams. It offers a wide range of courses in economics, literature, foreign languages, sociology, philosophy, and psychology.

3. Stanford University:

Stanford University promises free online courses in order to give you the most convenient and cost-free method to gain expertise in new skills as well as new areas of knowledge.

They offer specialized programs in the areas of health and medicine, education, engineering, and arts and humanities.

4. Columbia University:

It is one of the best universities in the world for higher education. It is the dream of many students to get educated at this university. Hence it is an excellent option for online education. It provides around 67 courses from various backgrounds on the online platform.

5. University of Michigan:

It has more than 35 online and mixed-mode programs. At Michigan, they are committed to providing academic options in a flexible format that is designed to suit any student’s lifestyle.

You can get undergraduate and graduate certificates online for any in-demand course conveniently.



6. University of Pennsylvania:

If you have not heard the name of this university before, then I would like to inform you that the University of Pennsylvania is the first university of America. It is also a leading university in online learning. It provides people with opportunities of building their professional skills.


7. University of California:

The University of California is a very prestigious institution located in Berkeley, California. They conduct summer sessions every year in which you can participate and enroll in various online courses of your choice.

The course includes self-paced videos and weekly assignments. Some of the most popular online courses provided by this university are Advanced Topics and Techniques in Agile Software Development, Data Science: Computational Thinking with Python, etc.

8. University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago offers you the chance to experience the best educational facilities online. This university ensures that online classes are in no way lesser than face-to-face classes. It aims at providing you with the same quality and chances even through the online platform.

9. Princeton University:

It offers both credit and non-credit online courses in various fields. The various online courses available at Princeton University are from the subjects like architecture, art, and archaeology, chemistry, computer science, comparative literature, etc.



10. Massachusetts University:

It has some of the best courses available on its online platform. Their best faculty members conduct a number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for students all over the world. So if you are looking for online education, you have got to give this one some thought.


There you have some of the top noteworthy universities in the United States of America. And let me remind you that we have shortlisted only a few of them from the country. Many other good universities are offering various online programs for free. So do check all of them and decide the best one for you. Online courses are a great way to spend your time productively and without any constraints like money, distance, etc.

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