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Wanting to know everything about Free Fire? Are you desperately looking for replacements for PUBG right now? How about an article about the most played Battle Royale game worldwide. Let’s us everything there is about Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is an action-adventure game developed by 111dots Studio and published by popular Singaporean Game Distributor Garena.

With the rise in popularity of Battle Royale games and virtual game tournaments, Garena Free Fire acquired its renowned status globally. Not only this, it has won “the most downloaded title” by the Play Store for 3 years continuously.

It has over 100 million active users as of now. Do you want to be a part of it? Read on.

Description of Free Fire Game:

This game starts with an abandoned desolated island, and you will be thrown from a helicopter on this place. There will be forty-nine other players apart from you, with one common goal- To Survive.

You can choose from a plethora of game modes, customizations, weapons, unique, exciting characters, and much more.

The best part of this game is that this game requires only 1GB of RAM, making it easily applicable to any smartphone type. 

Let’s now unfold its unique features!

Unique Features in Free Fire:

Here are some unique, exciting features you were looking for

Game Modes on Free Fire:

Free Fire brings you different entertaining game modes. Some come for temporary durations, while some are permanent inbuilt modes. These include:

  • Classic mode
  • Clash squad 
  • Rush hour 
  • Kill secured
  • Bighead

From having giant heads in the big head mode in enjoyable team deathmatch style, to play in teams of two in Clash Squad mode.

It includes variance in every mode and available for a shorter duration match period, making it famous among players worldwide.

Unique Characters:

Now the characters are a catalyst in your dose of fun. It comes in the most interesting characters and is inspired by your favorite celebs from all over the world.

Characters like Jai played by Famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, Alok as a famous record producer and Dj, Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, K Caption Booyah. DJ KSHMR, Wolcroff, Moco, Luqueta, and many more have collaborated with Free fire.

On the top of the cake, each character possesses unique abilities and powers of their own.

Free Fire Weapons:

With the variance in cool weaponry in the repertoire, you will survive efficiently and win every round. 

It will provide a wide range of guns, including Pistol HG, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles Melee, SMGs, etc., a few.

Free Fire Maps:

Maps would be the place where the game will be held. Now with these unique backgrounds, with different features of their own, you can enjoy fascinating environments.

You will be able to unlock more game modes by reaching higher levels. It includes Bermuda, being the most played free map with the advent of two new ones, Purgatory and Kalahari. Each of them has different time slots and gives you a chance to find more weapons.

Free Fire Tournaments, Events, and much more:

Free Fire has not gained popularity overnight. It has organized various events and tournaments for uplifting your enjoyment. 

It has organized multiple tournaments, among which, Free Fire Continental Series of 2020 Asia was vastly popularised with a booming viewership of over 2.2 million viewers.

It has also collaborated with your favorite Netflix shows, one being House of cards x Free Fire Collaboration.

With new upcoming collaborations and world championship tournaments, it is hyped substantially, and the family of Free Fire has grown potentially. So download it on your computer/PC or your mobile. Look below at how you can download your dollop of fun right now!

Download Free Fire on Computer:

You can download Free Fire on your computer by downloading the Bluetscaks app. After this, complete the sign-in process by accessing your Google account. Now search for “Garena Free Fire” in the search bar. Click on install and sign-in in to stream it on the computer. 

Download Free Fire on Mobile:

Unlike PUBG, this is programmed to be played on smartphones with 1 GB RAM or less; you can play this sensational game hassle-free on your mobile too.

Just open the Play Store application and download it. Sign in, and you are ready to become the best survivor!

Now you know everything about the most sensational battle royale game in the world right now! You can invite your friends and prove to become the best survivor.

Unlock weaponry, game modes with passing levels efficiently. Stream it on your computer or on your smartphones and experience the divinely exciting features that come with it.

Join Free Fire and meet excellent gamers from over the world.  

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