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The most prominent thing that stands apart Free Fire from other battle games is the characters. There are almost 30 characters available in the free fire game that gamers can unlock, and every character has a unique skill that is not very common in all royale battle games. The unique skill that a character has plays a major role on the battlefield. Even though Garena free fire has so many characters, the developers keep on adding new characters to the list with every new update in the game. Creators of the Free Fire added the new characters in 2020 as well, and now, in the new update, developers have added a total of four characters to make the game all the more exciting. Every new character has a unique ability, background, and story to itself. This article will share the new characters added in the Free Fire game and if they are as strong as the earlier characters.  So let’s start with the list of turning characters that were added recently in Free Fire.

List of the New Characters in Free Fire

Four new characters are added along with the new updates in the game. These characters are Skyler, Snowelle, Sverr, and Shirou. Interestingly,  all the new characters start with the alphabet S. No idea why the creators did that! Let’s start with the specifications of these characters


The fans of free fire much awaited a character like Skyler. Skyler is the first character that is based on a celebrity from Vietnam. The thing that makes this character more interesting is that it has a background from the country where the game developers live. Fans were waiting for a Vietnamese character; therefore, the launch of Skyler isn’t much of a surprise. The ability of this character is Riptide Rhythm that is similar to that of K’s. It is going to be both the active and passive components of this character. It is believed that when this character deploys multiple Gloo walls, the effect stacks. However, this skill of Skyler is quite interesting, and it can do wonders when used for the healing effect. Skyler has a fantastic ability to destroy the blue walls of enemies, whereas you have to be very cautious while using this skill because it can also deploy the wall you have created for yourself. 


The background of Snowelle is of a lab researcher who is an expert in nanotechnology and robotics. This character has a skill named Nano nerves given because of her background as a researcher of nanotechnology. With this skill’s help, Snowelle can amazingly stop her enemies’ active skills and regeneration just with her bullets. The idea behind this skill is that her gun’s bullets contain nanomachines (again inspired by her backdrop) to prevent herself from the animals. This character was supposed to be added earlier because of some issues developers could not fit her in the game earlier. If you hit 5s, your enemies won’t be able to use their acting skills and won’t change EP into HP. All the cooldown of her guns would decrease as you keep leveling up. It would get shortened from 45 to 30. The active ability of Snowelle can compete with the higher and advanced abilities of Alok, Crono, and other significant characters of Free fire. Snowelle is one of the best characters that players should use if they want to disable their enemies’ heal and shield option.


Sverr is a new Free Fire character who is an MMA fighter, and he is seeking revenge after he has lost an official match with Kla. This character was also part of the advanced server update, but the Creators didn’t add him to the game for specific reasons. Sverr’s active scale is known as Going Berserk which is believed to be inspired by his being an angry fighter. When you activate his ability, he sacrifices some of the HP to get a temporary damage boost. Unlike Snowelle, the ability of Sverre boosts as the levels increase. The idea behind this character and his ability is high-risk, high reward. Because if he gets damaged up to 20%, it can cost too much on the battlefield. Sverr’s ability works best as a healing skill in tandem that makes up for the HP loss.


This new character in the game named Shirou has a passive skill called Damage Delivery. The ability of Shirou is related to the background because, in the past, he used to be a delivery boy. The ability of this character changes with every level. So in level 1, when an enemy hits him within 50 meters, he can tag the attacker for almost three seconds. When Shirou tags his enemies, the enemy will show on the game map ,and the first shot taken on the target would give 10% extra armor penetration. 


Not to worry, the target will only be shown to you and not to your team members.  It has a 60 seconds ability to cool down. His skill range can increase up to 100 meters at the maximum level with 10 seconds of cool down and 100% armor penetration. This character of Shirou is the best when you have to compete with snipers and ambushers with weapons like SKS and shotgun.  With this character’s fantastic skill, even the best helmets and armors of this game are pretty useless. You can recreate this skill, and it does not overpower you. Disability also works great in a one vs. one case. 


So, this was the list of the new free fire characters that are launched in 2021. Most of the characters are exponential, and their abilities are inspired by their background, which makes them all the more interesting and fascinating. Creators have tried to give each character unique skills, and all of these characters are strong enough to compete with the old characters that have new advanced skills. These characters’ fate on the battlefield entirely depends on how players use them, and these new characters are highly recommended to play within the battlefield. 

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