Free Fire – Tricks, Updates And Much More!

Free Fire - Tricks, Updates And Much More!

Vastly loved by everyone, Free Fire needs no introduction. The most played battle royale game on Mobile Devices brings you the desired break to emit your frustration. The ability to play it on any mobile makes it viable for everyone with a smartphone to use. With the most liked collaborations with Money Heist or House Of Cards, Free Fire brings you an excellent package of unique characters, weaponry, game modes, and free fire maps. Free Fire is developed by 111 Dots Studios and published by Garena, has unique features in the esports industry, with over 1 billion users worldwide.


Through this article, learn all about the various events, tips and tricks, redeem codes and latest updates on Free Fire and bestow yourself with the crown already! Lets, Shall we?

Tips And Tricks For Free Fire

  • Characters Matter –Choose character according to the gameplay. Every character has a set of unique skill composition, and you need to evaluate each of them before selecting them for a new match.Costumes are essential because you would want to look cool among others but keep in mind that character’s strengths are more important. So, avoid wasting diamonds to have unnecessary purchases
  • Right weapon –

Keep yourself acquainted with the different kinds of weapons, and it’s usage. Free Fire has no doubt inspired deeply from PUBG, but the weaponry is entirely different. So the second tip would be to know about each kind of weapon and its uses

  • Aim Sensitivity –

This game does not have any complicated mechanisms, but you still should keep yourself acquainted with the claw control. On the mobile, using touch to play this game could be challenging to manifest actions. Use thumb layout to play this game



  • Choose correct range-

While shooting, a player is allowed to keep three weapons with himself. So choose a weapon you are comfortable with and best suited for the game mode. For example, some places have more hideouts than others, and you can use weapons with high range accordingly.

  • Gloo Walls-

Gloo wall is a unique tool and new to the players who are playing for the first time. Gloo wall is a mechanism that players can utilise to protect and to hide behind it. It will save you from the opponent’s fire and could be launched for an unlimited number of times.

Free Fire Redeem Codes

As Free Fire provides you with a myriad of choices in weapons, outfits, characters, pets, skins, customisations and much more, you would want to purchase everything. Still, it would not be viable because of the price associated with it. So here are some Redeem Codes to help you avail customisations for you.

Redeem Codes-

  • 5UNZ5A94DCTZ
  • 487P8ZVGZGEA
  • V8R9H22KH3JB
  • 7ZG488RUDDWV

These codes are applicable for a set time, and after that, the gamer would not be able to use these.

All About Updates!

Free Fire keeps you engaged by launching the most exciting updates about events, crossovers, tournaments and characters. Currently launched updates include ‘House of Cards x Free Fire Collaboration’ and the new Project Cobra is about to land.

Project Cobra that is OB26 update has a pack of new offers for you. Unravel with us!

It has new gameplay mechanics, characters and new ways to weapon balancing. It includes features like quick commands to fellow teammates without switching on their microphone. A new gun known as UAV-Lite, whose features are still kept in the dark but resembles a UAV gun, will be launched.

New characters will include Skylar, based on a Vietnamese music artist, Son Tung M-TP, with the unique ability to destroy Gloo walls.

How To Download Free Fire on PC?

Download this sensation game with Bluestacks on your PC. Follow these steps by step instructions.

  1. Install Bluestacks on your laptop/PC.
  2. Complete the sign-in process by accessing your google account.
  3. Search Grena free fire on the search bar at the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Select Grena Free Fire from the results.
  5. Now install it if you have successfully signed in and if not, sign-in first.
  6. A shortcut would appear on the desktop. Tap on the icon from the desktop and start playing.

How To Download on your Mobile device?

You can download this game from the play store on your mobile. Don’t worry Survivors, this game is programmed to be played with ease on mobile with less than 1 GB RAM.

Now you know all about this adventurous action shooter game. Invite your friends and defeat them in this royale battle. Install today and shed boredom in this pandemic. Good luck!

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