Garena Free Fire India Pro Esports Circuit 2021

In 2021, Garena announced a lineup of free-fire tournaments for servers in India. Based on the year of 2020 esports, Freefire will host four tournaments on two pro circuits next year with a total prize pool of more than Rupees. 2 crores (about $ 272,000).

Garena wants to ensure the rhythm of one major tournament every quarter of 2021 and maintain a stable pipeline of esports events in India throughout the year. Tournaments are open to all teams and players regardless. With levels and background, it’s an opportunity to compete with the best on the domestic stage. These will eventually lead to Free Fire’s international tournaments.

In addition, Garena has announced that there are also tournaments focused on other small communities.

Free Fire India Pro Esports Circuit

The Garena 2021 eSports Roadmap consists of two pro seasons, each season consisting of two major tournaments. s – Free Fire Pro League tournament followed by the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) finale. Each professional season has a prize pool of over Rs 1,00,00,000.

Garena’s 4 Free Fire tournaments in India in 2021 will be:

– Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring

– Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer

– Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall

– Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter

It 2021 only after the 2021 Sports Circuit. FFIC 2021 Spring as the tournament will not be the last Pro League tournament. As such, FFIC 2021 Spring will be the last independent competition alone.

Free Fire Pro League

The Free Fire Pro League games will mark the start of each competition. Each Pro League tournament will have 18 teams – 12 finalists from last season’s FFIC and the top six teams in the open qualifiers.

Each Pro League tournament will see teams compete for a prize of $ 35,00,000 and enter the next FFIC as one of the best seeds.

The top six teams will book their places directly in the next FFIC, while the teams ranked 7th to 12th will be eligible to skip the next FFIC qualifying round by advancing to the closed qualifiers.

Fire’s international tournaments. It will bring together the best teams from all over India to compete for a prize of Rs 75,00,000 and will give them the title of the best team in India, with the opportunity to represent their nation globally. Get the top 6 in last season’s Free Fire Pro League tournament

2. Reach the top 12 in the closed qualifying phase of the FFIC, and all ambitious esports teams and players can take part in the public qualifiers through the in-game mode, Free Fire Cup. Closed qualifiers that will meet teams 7th to 12th in the Free Fire Pro League, this team will compete for the remaining 12 slots on the FFIC League stage. 18 teams from the

FFIC League stage will compete in the series. The top 6 teams advance to the direct finals, and the remaining 12 teams compete for play-in competition for the remaining 6 slots.

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring

FFIC 2021 For Pro League tournaments prior to Spring 2021, FFIC 2020 The top six fall finalists will be seeded directly into the FFIC 2021 Spring League stage, while the remaining six FFIC Fall 2020 finalists will proceed.

Teams passing through the public qualifiers and closed qualifiers competing for the remaining 12 slots of the league stage, the top 12 teams in the league advance to the Grand Finals of FFIC 2021 Spring.

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