How to Get a Free Cricket Outfit Set in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG is back at it with another new way to make the game more fun and exciting for the players all around the world. Tencent Games hasn’t and will never miss a chance to surprise PUBG Mobile Lite players.

The game has been updated and new features have been introduced as part of the new launch. As part of the game’s first-anniversary celebration, the company has come out with a new event called Anniversary: The Tycon.

Players will get free, permanent rewards which the game doesn’t generally does not offer to the players. Hence, the players now have a great chance to add new things, outfit sets and ammo to their existing collection.

The Permanent cricket outfit set

Here, we look at the full details of the PUBG Mobile Lite Anniversary: The Tycon event, including rewards that players can win during the event.

PUBG Mobile Lite Anniversary: The Tycon event details are as follows:
The duration of the event will be from 30th July to 8th August so be ready to get into some fights and win never seen before rewards.

The Rules are as follows

* You will have to get to exactly level 120 to grab the final reward.
* Visit the event page to complete daily missions and earn stuff.
* Keep completing daily missions to receive free dice.
* Roll the dice to move on to the next levels.
* After 24 hours the daily missions will start over.

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This is How you Do it

The PUBG Mobile Lite anniversary event follows the ludo board system. Just like how you play ludo, players will have to roll the dice (which you will win by completing daily missions) and race to the final destination. After reaching the 120th level, players will get the cricket outfit set, that everybody has been waiting for, which can then be stored in the inventory permanently. You can finally use the set then.

Follow these steps to play:

* Open the events section, which is located at the bottom right in the PUBG Mobile lobby.
* Go to time-limited and select Tycon event.
* On the left you will see missions, click on it to see the list of challenges you can take part in.
* Completion of a single task is will give you one dice.
* Roll the dice to step up on the board.
As mentioned earlier, gamers have to land exactly on level 120 to get the final reward. For example, if the player is at level 119 and the die output is 4, they will move forward by one step and backward by three steps. To reach 120 from 119, they should roll the dice precisely to 1.


Complimentary permanent cricket outfit set in PUBG Mobile Lite is all yours. At the same time, a bunch of other items are also available, such as companion’s food, parachute trail, the M416 Golden skin, and a parachute skin. However, some of these rewards have limited validity. Once 100% progress is achieved, a player will get the permanent cricket set in PUBG Mobile Lite as a final reward. Thus, players are advised to check-in quickly, as the event is time based.

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