Online Studies in UK : part 2

Rapid advancement of technology has created benefits for students who can pursue the degree of their choice by distance learning. It’s a boon from technology which makes it convenient for learners to study everything they want by sitting in one place with their own  flexible schedule.. This trend has made some of the top institutions to offer online courses for the students throughout the globe. It allows the learners to study abroad and socialize with international students . It is cost saving as fees for distance learning is generally less than the on-campus studying and staying abroad. So it is right to say that Online learning is the future of Education, because we have realised this fact during the time of pandemic. 

Online education improves your qualification, boosts career opportunities, increases your earning potential and makes it easy for you to study further without leaving your place, family or job. Universities from the UK, has been one of the top choices for international students to study. It is a land of diverse culture, advanced methodology and technology, and some of the best renowned institutions of the world. 

To study and graduate from a UK based University is a dream for many students. British Education widey popular because of its high quality education. The UK Universities offer some of the best distance learning programmes which can uplift the learner’s credentials. Some of the universities provide online degrees through distance learning in Diploma, Bachelors, Master’s,  Research and some just degree level. Here are some of the most popular study options in UK:

  1. Masters in Computer Science
  2. Masters in Psychology
  3. Masters in International Relation
  4. Masters in Business Administration
  5. MAsters in Journalism

Now, let’s go through the list of some best  and prestigious universities in the United Kingdom which offers online courses:

  • University College London: University College London secured 8th position in QS Rankings, 2020. It offers a wide range of online courses for undergraduate and postgraduate in subjects like Neurology, Education, Sports and many more. University College London is widely popular among international students because of its progressive and advanced teaching methods. 


  • The University of Manchester: University of Manchester is one of the most famous universities of Britain. It has held the heritage value of study and research since 180 years. It offers a number of online courses for students worldwide. It has secured 27th rank in QS ranking 2020.


  • King’s College London: King’s College London is a leading institute of the UK, which is famous for world leading research. It provides online quality education in various subjects such as Business Management, Food Science, History, Philosophy, Law. There are 6 opportunities to apply for an online course in King’s college London which makes it easy for you to start when you find it suitable for you. It has secured 33rd position in QS Ranking 2020. 


  • The University Of Edinburgh: Online courses from the University of Edinburgh hold the same value and response as that of doing in on-campus mode. The programmes are generally of 3 years duration. The University of Edinburgh has been ranked to position 20 in QS Ranking 2020.


  • University of Glasgow: University of Glasgow offers a wide range of online postgraduate courses, short diplomas and massive open online courses (MOOCs) mostly in subjects related to Medicine, Business and Science.. University of Glasgow is one of the leading universities who have worked with other universities in collaboration for shaping the future of abroad students. It’s rank in QS Ranking 2020 is 67.


  • University of Warwick: University of Warwick is an ideal choice if you wish to study Business online. The MBA graduates from the University of Warwick are said to be ranked in the top 10 highest earning in the UK. The University has been ranked to position 62 in QS Ranking 2020. 


  • University of Birmingham: University of Birmingham offers online Masters, Phd and Research in subjects like Humanities, Education, Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Medicine. Its rank in QS Ranking 2020 is 81. 


  • University of Leeds: University of Leeds isa globally renowned institution for quality higher education in the United Kingdom. The university provides you online courses in various subjects such as Engineering, Humanities, Science and Education. The university has been ranked 93 in QS Ranking 2020. 

These are some of the best and globally renowned universities from the United Kingdom which offers various online Bachelor, Postgraduate, Diplomas, Research programmes in subjects such as Business, Engineering, Education, Arts, Science, Medicine, Humanities, English Language, Social Sciences and so on. There are many other prominent universities like University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield which provide facilities of online studying for students. These programmes may vary in length but will prove helpful in boosting career opportunities, earning potential of students living abroad by giving them a new professional outlook and direction. 

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