The United States Crossed China in Coronavirus Cases; US Leads The World

The deadly virus coronavirus or you can say the covid 19 is spreading all over the world, many people are dying in every country and many are infected with this deadly virus.

The virus is started in China from one of its country Wuhan but now this virus is spread in every country.

Firstly the largest numbers of infected people from this virus is from China because the virus started from it but now US has largest number of infected people from this virus.

According to worldometers US has 85,604 active cases in the date of 27/3/20

The US leading the largest number of people from this virus in the world which is not so good.

However doctors of US and of every country is trying their best to save the people of their country.

Scientists are also trying their best to make vaccines of this deadly virus, but they are not successful yet.

The US and every other country declared the rule of curfew or the lockdown while people are also following it.

People of the US are coming outside only when they have some urgent work and the government also says that came outside only for the essential work.

While the US is now leading the cases of coronavirus to let see when this virus is going to end, till then stay home and stay safe.


Don’t know what’s happen in the United States but this is true at this time the US leads the world in coronaviruses confirmed cases.

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