Things to consider for car insurance in the US and the UK

getting car insurance in the US and the UK can be a tedious job. You need to think about various quotes and premiums and it will all go around your head until you select insurance which you aren’t sure about. So what do you do? Here are a few tips and tricks which you need to consider when getting car insurance in the US and the UK.

In the US:

Before getting car insurance in the US, go through the following steps to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Below mentioned are few things which would make the choice easier for you.

  • Types of car insurance:

Did you know that there can be different types of car insurance one can invest in? According to the latest version of the car insurance policies there, are three different types of insurance.

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision

Liability: This type of insurance includes any orderly injury, property damage that can be your fault. If you are in an accident and the other person is hit or his/her car is damaged, then you are liable to pay for the other person’s damage with your insurance.



Comprehensive: In this type of insurance, no collision or accident plays any part. It comes into action when you’re broken into, or a natural disaster has occurred.

Collision: In case of an accident if the other person’s liability is not sufficient enough to cover your damages then Collison comes into action.

  • Determine how much insurance you need:

For each type of insurance, you’re going to take, determine the amount of how much you need to pay and how much will you be saving. For a liability, the maximum amount should be $250/$500/$100. The amount needs to be maxed out to save every 6 months. For comprehensive and collision the amount might be from $1000, the more you reduce the more you need to pay.

  • Obtain multiple quotes from multiple car companies:

You can check out the multiple quotes provided by various companies through different apps provided by the Internet. is one such app where you can post your statement and get a quote for the said amount.

  • Optimize your car insurance:

It is better to pay on a half-yearly basis than monthly as the premiums would be less if you consider paying for 6 months.

  • Others:

Other factors that can impact your car insurance premiums can be – Driving history, age of the vehicle, etc

In the UK:

Before getting car insurance in the UK, go through the following steps to make sure you get the right thing you’re looking for. Below are a few things which you have to look for while taking car insurance.

  • Premium:

Premium is the amount of money required to pay for the total coverage of the insurance. It depends on your age, type of insurance, type of vehicle, driving history, health, habits, and marital status.



  • Excess:

Excess involves the minimum amount of money you pay when you make a claim. You can cash out the excess money whilst paying the minimum mortgage for a toy car.

  • Shop around:

It is suggested to look around other companies to get an idea of different claims done. It is suggested to directly contact the company for a said quote rather than browse through the internet.

  • Look out for extra costs:

Instead of directly going for a cheap insurance number, look out for the extra costs and their coverages. Many times the insurance company doesn’t fulfill all the said criteria but this extra cost might just do that. Not all insurance companies will cover the cost of damages done if these extra costs would drop.

  • Consider customer service:

Custom service plays an important role in determining the type of relationship both parties will be having. A satisfied customer is worth 5 other customers.



  • Sign up for a free trial:

Trial and error should be the basis for selecting your best price of insurance.

  • Optimize your insurance:

Talk to the insurance company and optimize your insurance coverage such that it’ll be easier for you to save and spend when needed and required.

Note: In the UK you’re legally required to have a third party cover as a minimum.

Thus, by considering all the above points you can make a sound decision and go about your car insurance without having to worry about it. Because good car insurance can never go wrong and it is an investment of a lifetime.

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