Top 5 Apps for Stock Market in 2021

The stock market is a trend in today’s date but there is still a lack of knowledge and lots of difficulties.

But don’t worry thanks to growing technology now we have more than 100+ stock marketing apps to bring possible trading and getting stock market news on your smartphone.

today we will suggest to you some of the best 5 apps for stock marketing it will help you a lot in your stock marketing journey.

so let start our count down for the top 5 apps for stock marketing.

Best 5 Stock market apps

Here is the list of top 5 apps for stock marketing with their reviews these all apps are totally free to use you don’t need to pay any single penny for that.

So let’s started…

1) Moneycontrol Mobile App

The first one on the list is the Moneycontrol Mobile App which is one of the most famous apps in the play store and app store with more the 4.3 ratings.


This app comes with amazing features and the number of users is more than 10millions that using this money control app for stock marketing.

What it gives you

The app promises to keep the customer updated about both the Indian and Global financial markets.

All customers are provided with their assets on BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX exchanges so that they can easily track Indices (Sensex l Nifty), Options, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Futures, and Currencies.

With a single option for navigating through stocks, indices, mutual funds, commodities, news, the app also provides news to the customers pertaining to markets, business, and economy and sometimes, interviews of senior management.

The app also manages to apply the ‘Text To Speech’ feature to enhance its performance.

2) CNBC TV App

This is also a very famous app amongst the peoples this is one of the best apps if your need is to get accurate news of the stock market or share market.

this app has more than a 4.3 five-star rating that’s good enough to tell how this app is.

The Features App Gives You

This app also provides the option of live streaming videos for direct access and constant monitoring.

The app also provides the option to constantly monitor stocks from any part of the world.

Trading data pre-market and after-hours are some of the features of this well-designed app.

The CNBC team has tried to provide well-rounded entertainment even in the financial area with the help of this app. Along with providing all types of information relating to business and finance, this app also provides the current news pertaining to politics, technology, investment, and so on.

The CNBC app has been downloaded by 28, 191 consumers as of 2021.

3) App

This one is also a very interesting app for the stock market as you can see the name of the app also very unique.

also, this app has a huge user base of millions so the support of the app is very good.

The Features App Gives You

This app provides real-time data and a financial calendar to track all financial events throughout the year.

The customer can track global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and interest rates from all around the world.

The app also has a sound notification setting which helps to alert the customer regarding a business deal analysis, news report analysis, financial instrument, or any economic event.

The app has been installed by 206,326 users until 2021

The App has more than 4.6 ratings and this is the top Rating app on our list.

4) Economic Times App

This is one of the famous names in the industry because it is a branch of the Times Internet Limited also it is a most popular app among the peoples.

The Features App Gives You

This app majorly provides business news from all possible sources.

This app also provides some presentations and slideshows pertaining to Corporate & Industry, Consumer & Legal, Economy, Entertainment, Events, Advertising & Marketing, etc.

The app has the sharing feature to enable their customers to share any piece of information to respective social networks or to a personal friend.

The option to constantly monitor stocks is also provided in this app.

Economic Times app has been installed by 138, 192 users from all over the world.

This app has more than 4.4 ratings on the google play store.

5) IIFL Markets App

This app has more the 1 million-plus download all over the platform one of the best functioning app available in the market.

The Features App Gives You

The app also provides all concerned details for Equity, Index, and Currency; comprehensive details of Futures, and much more options.

One of the biggest features of this app is the option to receive expert opinion on any financial matter.

Whenever, a customer is in doubt regarding any financial matter, he/ she can swipe and receive the opinion of an IIFL expert.

The app also provides a ‘Price Alert’ system for currency, equity, and commodity segments. The customers are also provided with the option of creating a watch list according their choice and requirement.

The overall stock market portfolio of any customer hence, becomes well handled.

This one has more than 4.4 positive ratings on the google play store.

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