PUBG mobile Treasure Hunt Secret Codes: Everything We Need to Know

The latest update for PUBG Mobile in Android and iOS brings new features like Zombie infection mode and a global treasure hunt with exclusive rewards. Among this ‘Treasure Hunt’ feature is regarded as an outstanding event in this game because this event keeps players from getting bored with the game and to make easier for the arrival of new players. In this article we will see about the event and its secret codes to earn or unlock rewards.

About ‘Treasure Hunt’ event in PUBG mobile- Introduction

The ‘Treasure Hunt’ event is a brand new event which rewards players with exclusive weapon skin and outfits. This event began on 30 July and concluded on 8th August 2020.

The main objective of this event is to search for nine ancient statutes in the Erangel map and earn secret codes that can be used for unlocking rewards or statue.

In this event players can go to Erangel in classic mode and have to race against the time to unlock the nine statues which scattered over three areas.

Players will earn corresponding crate rewards for unlocking every three statues in each unlocked areas and if any player unlocks all nine statues will be rewarded with ultimate treasure. The main rewards in this events are:

  • Neon Punk (Blue)-UMP45
  • Bowknot parachute
  • Rookie Pirate set

About the Secret codes in Treasure Hunt

The secret codes in the treasure hunt event will help the players to unlock a particular statue directly, each codes can be used only three times. A player get his/her own secret code after unlocking the statue. In addition he/she get additional AG if a player uses his/her secret code.

Here are the secret codes for all nine locations

Location 1

* T099B7AD
* M09A760B
* G09AF00A

Location 2

* U099C393
* W09A7C34
* G09AEF83

Location 3

* X099C3DD
* Y09A7E47
* G09AF078

Location 4

* U099DAB8
* H09AF0A8

Location 5

* G099DAAA
* L09A8348
* X09AF09B

Location 6

* J099DA97
* T09A84B2
* K09AF0C6

Location 7

* U099EEFB
* O09A85FF
* S09AF0FE

Location 8

* W099E851
* Z09A88C8
* L09AF11D

Location 9

* I099E834
* M09A8A9B
* M09AF141

How to use coupan code?

Refer the following steps given below to use the secret code:

Step 1: Visit the main page of the event.
Step 2: Click or select on the secret code present in the bottom left corner.
Step 3: Enter the code and click ‘OK’.

NB:- if it display as error message which says like ‘ the invitation message is already used three times’ then the player have to try to look for any other code.

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