Zerodol SP Tablet : Uses, Precautions and Side Effects

zerodol sp

Zerodol SP Tablet Uses: Sometimes a simple ache or pain in your joints due to inflammation can turn your day upside down.

A terrible pain or ache will make you lose your concentration, making you slow and uncomfortable.

If it continues for more than a day, it’ll most probably kill your sleep too.

It may arise out of anything like a minor physical injury, activities involving too much physical effort, tension, and restlessness, etc.

There are several products out there in the market which will help you get rid of this pain.

One such product, which is highly effective in treating the pain is the Zerodol SP tablet.

Here follows a detailed review of Zerodol.

What is Zerodol SP?

Zerodol SP tabletsĀ is a drug manufactured by Ipca laboratories based on India.

Zerodol is a commonly available tablet which relieves you from aches and pain in the body caused due to inflammation.

The tablets are not sold without a physician’s prescription and it is considered as a highly effective and also a dangerous one if it’s not handled properly.

Zerodol is a variant in the dosage and amount of ingredients used in the large range of Zerodol SP tablet uses.

A popular range of tablets used to treat and get rid of different types of aches and pains in the body.

The ingredients of Zerodol play an important role in the curing process and let’s take a peek at how it’s done.

Zerodol SP ingredients: How it works?

Zerodol SP is the combination of three of these widely known drugs, Aceclofenac, Serratiopeptidase, Paracetamol, which is used instead of Acetaminophen sometimes.

According to the reports, Zerodol mainly contains

  • 100mg of Aceclofenac which focuses on creating a roadblock in the path of the nerve connecting to the brain. It acts as a painkiller, thus helps in the functioning of Zerodol SP.
  • 15mg of Serratiopeptidase, which acts as a catalyst in breaking down the protein in the body into self-healing. It takes care of the injuries and cause of pain.
  • 325mg of Paracetamol or Acetaminophen which restricts the body from catching a fever and controls the temperature of the body.

These being the ingredients, which are highly effective against pain due to inflammation.

The way it works is quite simple.

Zerodol SP and its ingredients block the path and restrict the flow of pain through the nervous system to the brain.

Thus it controls and limits the pain and also Zerodol has quite a lot of advantages in healing the body.

What are all the advantages and of Zerodol SP tablet uses?

First of all Zerodol is a drug designed and manufactured to get permanent relief from aches and pains in bones and joints that bothers you.

Taking its medicinal applications, it has a lot of advantages and efficiency in curing different types of pain.

  • Migraine or headache caused due to stress, anxiety or a lot of mental work.
  • Pains in bones, joints and muscles of the body due to physical efforts, injuries, etc.
  • Dental pain due to cavities or other problems
  • Ear infections and pain from it
  • Blood clotting in the body from an injury
  • Sore throat due to consumption of cold beverages and throat pain thereafter
  • Common fever or cold
  • Pains during the menstrual periods
  • Arthritis
  • Nose pain
  • Lumbago

Zerodol SP has proven highly effective against these types of pains and aches that bother you every day.

So these were the advantages and benefits of the intake of Zerodol and now the side effects of these tablets.

What are the Side Effects of Zerodol Tablet?

As said earlier, Zerodol is quite powerful and an efficient drug and at the same time intake of these without a physician’s prescription, overdosage or not following the instructions can make it dangerous.

Here are some of the commonly found side effects of Zerodol SP.

  • Shortness of breath continuously
  • Blurry vision or disturbance in vision
  • Feeling tired, losing the appetite
  • Symptoms of allergy
  • Allergic skin rash
  • An upset stomach, indigestion, stomach ache or gastric irritation in the stomach
  • Itching or burning effect or feeling
  • Nausea along with slight dizziness may even lead to vomiting
  • Heartburn and Constipation
  • It may also lead to other side effects like Jaundice, Anaemia, Meningitis, Diarrhea, etc.

It is advised to take the drug with a physician’s approval and follow the instructions given by the makers like what should be the intake of Zerodol SP tablet uses.

Zerodol: How to take and Dosage

The dosage of Zerodol at a time should not be more than 2 tablets.

The intake should be done only after proper food, and it shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach.

As per the physician’s prescription, the dosage should be controlled and in case of skipping of an intake.

Shouldn’t be doubled and must be taken at proper intervals of time.

Zerodol SP Tablet: Precautions to take

Similar to other tablets and medicines, ZerodolĀ  should be stored at a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

It should be taken only after the approval or proper prescription of the physician.

The tablet shouldn’t be consumed if it’s broken or damaged.

At the same time, it should be stored or kept in a place where children or pets can’t reach.

The intake of Zerodol is restricted too.

Zerodol SP: Who shouldn’t take it?

First of all

  • Zerodol SP shouldn’t be taken in an empty stomach.
  • It shouldn’t be taken when found broken and without water.
  • Should be taken only after having enough food.
  • It should never be taken with alcohol and it may cause serious liver problems.
  • It is not advised for people having liver and kid

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